Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Cooper finally said goodbye to all the Nurses at the hospital and came home to us on Sunday night, after 7 days in the hospital. We really would like to thank the staff at the hospital for all of their help and for taking such good care of Sarah and Cooper while they were there.

Cooper has already made two well visits to his pediatrician, and has gained 4 oz since Sunday morning. He now tips the scales at a whopping 5 lbs, 4 oz. He likes being at home, and we love having him here. Max (the dog) doesn't know what the heck this new thing is, and just about committed suicide by putting his feet up on the new crib to have a peek at this new noise-maker. Momma didn't take to kindly to that, but Max has been pardoned with probation.

Dad is back at work full time, and has been loving the dinners all the kind folks have been bringing to us. We'll post some more pictures once the copyright issues from the Baby-Gap shoot have been resolved.

We love everyone.

Steven and Sarah

Thursday, January 24, 2008


The title of our last post was "7 weeks to go." We are happy to announce that we lied. On January 21, 2008, Cooper MacLeod Traynum played his first of many practical jokes on dear old Mom and Dad and decided to speed up our plans. At 8:36 pm, our 5 lb 8 oz, 17 3/4 inches long peanut made his debut. The early bird is doing great, as is his mother. While Sarah was discharged on Wednesday, little Cooper decided he wasn't quite done flirting with the nurses and wanted to stay a few extra days. He likes to play a little game where his temperature drops a little more than the doctors like, so they want to keep watch over him until he can maintain his temperature. We ask that you pray he grows like a weed, and becomes as stable as a horse enclosure (bad bad joke, sorry), and little Coop asks you pray the little girl with the pink ribbon goes to the prom with him in 18 years. Below are some of the little guy's first shots at Hollywood.

On a little more serious note,
We want to thank everyone for your support and prayers. While Coop is doing great, it's really hard on us newbie parents not having him at home. Pray for Sarah and me as we support our son and begin to learn some of the greatest lessons of our life. We love you,
Steven and Sarah

Sunday, January 13, 2008

7 Weeks to Go!

7 more weeks to go!
Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers. The doctor appointments have been going well, and we thank the Lord each day for our son.
Cooper's nursery is pretty much finished. All we need is him!!!