Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Things I LOVE About You...


*Desire for the Lord
*How you play with our sons
*Unconditional love
*Lightening me up when I get uptight
*Hard worker
*Dark hair
*Amazing handy man
*Allowing me to stay home with our boys
*Humble spirit


*Sweet personality
*Different colored eyes
*Curly hair
*How you fold your hands when you pray
*The things you thank God for
*Your constant hugs and kisses
*Cute smile
*Constant talking
*The love you show your little brother


*Contagious smile
*Bright blue eyes
*Chunky legs
*Fun personality
*Laid back
*Fuzzy hair
*How you watch your big brother's every move
*How you follow me around the room and smile
*Great appetite
*Love for sleeping

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mommy, WOW...

Cooper loves his "big boy" undies (especially his orange ones)!

Cooper's famous "BIG SMILE"

He has become such a "big boy" over the past 4 months. One of my
favorite ways I have seen him grow is as a loving big brother. As soon as Hudson

came home, he immediately took the role of an AWESOME big brother!
He is constantly asking me, "Where Hudson go?"
and asking Hudson, "How you doing Hudson?"
Hudson is always getting hugs and kisses, as well as trucks and cars in his lap. Cooper
can't wait for Hudson to be able to "play" with him, and Hudson can't wait to "play" with Cooper. I thank the Lord constantly for two incredibly sweet boys who already love each other so much!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family of Four

I know these pictures are really late, but I am trying to catch up!
Hudson Moore was born October 18th, 2010, and has been such
a blessing! We are so excited to have another son, and thank the
Lord for both of them!
I did write
a small post when he was first born, but here are a few pictures! :)

Lookin' at Mama right after he was born

First family photo

Baby Hudson with two wonderful people--
Uncle Nick and Aunt Brandie!

Crazy Aunt Kay Kay with her second nephew!

Sweet Baby...

Cooper's first night at home with a baby brother...
They LOVE each other!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hudson is...

a true




Loving Lake City!

We always love visiting Nana!

Nana with her great grandsons!

Playing with Papa!

Aunt Lou and Aunt Les with the boys!

Sweet Home Alabama

We made another fun trip to Alabama!!! The boys did awesome both ways, and I could not have done it without my mom! Steven and my dad had to stay at home, but we were up for the adventure! Cooper loved Uncle "Uke", Aunt "Ashee", and Sadie! We can't wait until they move closer! :)

Cooper and Sadie had a great time at this amazing park! It was huge!
They loved holding hands---It was adorable!

Hudson just enjoyed letting Grandma hold him...

Sweet cousins!

Fun at Mardi Gras!

Cooper and Sadie were quiet for a little too long!
Here is where we found them...

Sweet Sadie!

We sure do miss her (and her mommy and daddy)!!!!