Saturday, May 31, 2008

First time at the Lake!

Life has just been one thing after another...
We were crazy to even think about moving with a 4 month old...We were even crazier to really follow through with our plans! We moved to the next street over about 5 weeks ago. This is one reason we have been so slack with the blog! The same week, I started back at work! It was not the best week of my life, however, the Lord helped me through it and I have enjoyed my last several weeks with my children. Mom has kept Cooper--What a blessing! She has been great, and we can't thank her enough! I only have 2 more days of school, and then I get to live my dream of being a stay at home momma! I praise the Lord for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity!
Here are some pictures from the last several weeks!

One of my students gave Cooper this outfit...It is one of my favorites!

Love 'em!

Cooper loved the lake!

Studyin' the water...just like his daddy!

Father-Son time...

He has found his toes, and is so amazed with them...I love it!

My New Cousin

We had a blast in Alabama!
Here are just a few pictures from our road trip...
Can't wait to see them again SOON!

Cooper and Sadie at their first photo shoot! There will be many more to come!!

By picture # 9,000 they were getting tired!

Cooper watching Lifetime...Sadie chillin'...


I can't get enough of him!

Where's Sadie?
All bundled up in the wrap that Mom made us!

Crazy as always...

I can't get enough of him either!

Luke always likes to out do everybody :)....sooo.....
Here is his gourmet meal that he fixed us (Supposedly, this is what Ashley eats all the time!) It was delicious!

Cooper's first time at the beach! We had a great time...
Alabama beaches are beautiful!

We had to keep Sadie and Cooper are bundled up...It was a little cold!

Beautiful sunset!

Hangin' Out...

After a fun weekend with his new cousin, Cooper was pooped!
(He was a trooper on our 12 hour trip there and back...
Here is what he did most of the time!)